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On board PBX IP, a cost-effective integrated phone system

Facing different types of users on board: passage, crew or technicians, with multiple needs each, managing telephony on a vessel is a complex task.

An IP PBX (or IP PBX Private Branch Exchange) is a system that definitively solves this need to the most economical manner; manages all phone calls of a business or organization, as is the case of a vessel, sharing access to the telephone network between users and allowing individual control over them. It also offers advanced calling and management functions.

PBX IP solutions for vessels

Unified voice communications at sea

  • Unified and complete phone system

  • Unlimited extensions

  • Advanced call features

  • Conference calls

  • User accounts

  • Very low rates

  • Postpaid/prepaid management

  • Integration with other PBX

  • Free internal calls

In case of interest or for further information contact us on (+34) 911 938 866.

Additional value-added solutions

VPN Solution

Access corporate resources with security and performance.

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IP Telephony

New generation telephony at unbeatable prices.

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Remote access

Ideal for video security and remote control.

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Crew prepaid cards

Internet and telephone for crew welfare.

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Wi-Fi hotspot

Managed solution for wireless Internet on board.

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Maritime IPTV

Get TV via Internet (Wuaki.TV, Netflix, Kartina.TV, etc...).

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Maritime streaming

Broadcast audiovisual content from sea.

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Unlimited maritime Internet access // Broadbad Internet access in your vessel // 100% coverage // Flat rate and day-to-day usage // Land line included Subscribe now!
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