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Professional solutions for maritime broadband and high speed unlimited Internet access for all kinds of vessels and activities: charter, fishing, ferry, rescue, etc... with full coverage across all seas, duly complemented by value-added solutions that improves the experience at sea.

Flexible maritime Internet with specific solutions for each client

USAIL® offers Internet access and telephony solutions at sea adapted to every need and every type of ship and industry, no matter if the activity is seasonal or permanent, whether professional or for leisure.

Seasonal broadband Internet

USAIL® a la carte

a la carte
  • Yachts, ferris, tugs & charters
  • Unlimited Internet up to 10Mbps*
  • Pay per use on a daily basis

Internet & VoIP on fishing vessels

USAIL® Fishing

  • Across all fisheries & routes
  • Broadband Internet & telephony
  • Crew welfare solutions

Maritime broadband across the globe

USAIL® Global

  • Merchant, offshore & cruises
  • Global broadband connectivity
  • Transoceanic coverage


Main benefits that are included in all USAIL® plans.

High speed maritime Internet

Unlimited Broadband

Maritime Internet access up to 10Mbps*. On demand without limits or volume caps.

VSAT Extended coverage

Extended coverage

USAIL® is available across all seas and oceans. Featured reaches for fishing and yachts.

Flat rate Internet at sea

Flat rate on a daily basis

Without recurring fees, you pay only for what is used, whether days, weeks or months.

Phone line for free

Phone line included

With USAIL® you get one voice line always, at very low call rates, far cheaper than Inmarsat.

* See conditions.

Already using VSAT? so come to USAIL®!

Now you can benefit from the most flexible and competitive service plans in the market. If you already have a VSAT antenna installed in your vessel, just connect with us. Check it out with our sales team calling at (+34) 911 938 866 or filling our contact form.

VSAT maritime antenna


Easily manage your vessel or fleet. Everything made simple with just a simple click.*

uSAIL Connect


Manage your on-board internet connection services.

Access USAIL Connect
uSAIL Connect

Fleet Commander

Take control of your fleet in real time.

Access USAIL Fleet Commander

* Included for free in all service plans.

Unlimited maritime Internet access // Broadbad Internet access in your vessel // 100% coverage // Flat rate and day-to-day usage // Land line included Subscribe now!
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