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We give you comprehensive and unlimited coverage throughout the maritime environment and specific services for the Mediterranean, Western Atlantic and in the most relevant fishing grounds.

USAIL® Global

Continuous and transparent connectivity across all seas and oceans for global communications needs. Ideal for fleets, merchant and cruise ships as well as for research and oil and gas vessels.

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Global maritime Internet & telephone

USAIL® Fishing

Targeting the most important fishing grounds and its related routes, this suite of coverages fits the fishing calendar and provides tailored services to any fishing vessels.

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Maritime Internet & telephone for fishing vessels

USAIL® a la Carte

Featured coverage for high-speed Internet applications on a daily basis use, ideal for seasonnal profiles as yachts, charters, ferries, regional transport, tugs as well as rescue vessels.

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On demand high-speed maritime Internet

Unlimited maritime Internet access // Broadbad Internet access in your vessel // 100% coverage // Flat rate and day-to-day usage // Land line included Subscribe now!
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