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Frequently asked questions

USAIL® is the new way to get Broadband Internet at sea. It is a high-speed maritime Internet access conceived to meet the most specific needs of the nautical world. USAIL is designed for any kind of sector or type of vessel.

USAIL® works through geostationary satellites and runs with the most advanced VSAT and could computing technologies.


USAIL® covers all European and North African territorial waters: European and North Africa Atlantic coast, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean sea, etc. USAIL also offers extended coverage areas specially designed to meet the fishing sector communication needs, in special interest areas like Grand Sole, Labrador, Namibia… Check out our coverage here.
USAIL is innovative because it goes far away from the old-school maritime Internet access formulae, with long term contracts, high equipment investment, expensive rates, and impossible-to-understand service plans. USAIL is designed by and for the end user, offering state-of-the-art satellite technology, adapted to you thanks to its innovative service plans, from 1-day service basis at very competitive rates, unlimited download, and also flat rates including all the equipment necessary and its installation. USAIL also includes one telephone line active 365 days per year at very competitive rates, calling like if you were at home. Incredible, right?.
What you need is a 65cm or bigger compatible stabilized VSAT antenna plus the indoor equipment (antenna controller, VSAT Modem, Router…). If you don't have this equipment yet we can provide it by selling it to you or through a renting formula. If you already have a VSAT equipment installed in your vessel, probably we will be able to reuse it if it is compatible with our satellite platform. Just let us know the model, and detailed characteristics of your equipment and we will check if it is compatible or not. You can contact us through this form.
Of course! USAIL® gives your Internet access like if you were at home. You will be able to connect several devices, PC's, tablets, smartphones, security cameras, etcetera, and set different quality of service profiles, everything through our powerful Wi-Fi Access Point Kit.
USAIL® uses a 65cm stabilized VSAT antenna that might be installed in vessels starting at 55 feet long.
With USAIL® you will enjoy service plans up to 4Mbps download and 512Kbps upload. And more to come in the upcoming months!.
No, there is not, USAIL® is totally unlimited. Send and receive all the information you want, the only thing we control is the use of P2P software because they degrade the quality of service of the general network.
With USAIL® you get one phone line for free all year, even if you don't have any Internet service plan active. All telephone service plans are very competitive, much cheaper than traditional Inmarsat service plans.
To manage USAIL you'll get a personal account of My USAIL, the online platform that allows you to schedule the days of service and its service plans, purchase new services, check invoices, incidences, etc. My USAIL is available for PC, Android and iOS.
USAIL® is installed by our technical team and we do have presence in the most important European and Mediterranean marinas. It usually takes 15 labor days to be onboard and perform the installation, but we always do our best to do it faster!
In case of any doubt feel free to contact us at (+34) 911 938 866 or through the contact form below.
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(+34) 911 938 866

You can also use our contact form and we will call you back.

Unlimited maritime Internet access // Broadbad Internet access in your vessel // 100% coverage // Flat rate and day-to-day usage // Land line included Subscribe now!
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